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Tennis For Free's Dream Team 2014

AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2014 NOTICE - The Australian Open edition of TFFDreamteam is now open for entries and will close at 23:00GMT on Sunday 12th January.

Welcome to the new 2014 season of TFFDreamteam, the fantasy tennis league for the Grand Slam Tournaments. This event is Australian Open Dream Team 2014

Entries are now open until 23:00GMT on Sunday evening. Prior to that time you are able to make as many changes as you wish to your team.

Good luck to all players.

Please ensure you are familiar with the rules before entering.

It's free to sign up and play - although all donations will be most welcome and will give you automatic entrance into our prize draw for a top of the range Dunlop Racquet.

Please note all previous participants will need to re-register for each TFF Dreamteam game.

We're excited to have a great prize pool (for the top 10 places) in our TFF Champions Race, which includes a holiday for two in Portugal. Entry into the TFF Champions Race is a one-off £5 donation (also gets you into the prize draw for a top of range Dunlop Biometric M4.0 Racquet).

Please note that scores from matches that take place in the small hours of the morning (UK time) will be updated as best as possible during that time. We will aim to add all scores from that time by 1.00pm.

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